Indian Polity Short Notes: M. Laxmikant

Part IConstitutional Frame Work
Part IISystem of Government
Part IIICentral Government
Part IVState Government
Part VLocal Government
Part VIUnion Territories and Special Areas
Part VIIConstitutional bodies
Part VIIINon Constitutional Bodies
Part IXOther Constitutional Dimensions
Part XPolitical Dynamics
Part XIWorking of Constitution

Part – I Constitutional Frame Work

  1. Historical Background
  2. Making of the Constitution
  3. Salient Features of the Constitution
  4. Preamble of the Constitution
  5. Union and its Territory
  6. Citizenship
  7. Fundamental Rights
  8. Directive Principles of state policy
  9. Fundamental Duties
  10. Amendment of the Constitution
  11. Basic Structure of the Constitution
Charaiveti Charaivaiti yahi ho mantra apna …