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8. Applications of Yoga
• Yoga in Education: Salient features of Yoga Education, Factors of Yoga Education;
Teacher, Student and Teaching, Guru-shishya parampara and its importance in Yoga
Education; Value Education, its meaning and definitions, types of values, value-
oriented education and modes of living, role of value oriented education;
contribution of Yoga towards development of values; Salient features of ideal Yoga
teacher, role of Yoga teacher in value-oriented education, role of Yoga in
development of human society; Yogic Concepts for the Development of Four Fold
Consciousness – Civic Sense, Patriotic Urge, Service Zeal and Spiritual Growth;
• Yoga for Stress Management: Introduction to Stress, Concept of Stress; Solutions
through Mandukya karika – Relaxation and stimulation combined as the core for
stress management; Practice of Stimulation and relaxation; Yoga and Stress
Management; Concepts and Techniques of Stress Management in Ashtanga Yoga of
Patanjali and Bhagavad Gita, specific practices for stress management, breath
awareness, shavasana, Yoganidra, pranayama and meditation, imapct of yogic
lifestyle on stress management.
• Yoga for Personality Development – Yogic attitudes for personality development,
Ashtanga Yoga and personality development, personality development with spcial
emphasis on Panchakosa. Memory and Concentration; Short-term, long-term
memory, stages of memory foundation and maintenance; Yoga modules to improve
memory; Barriers to concentration; creativity eastern concept, silence and creativity;
yogic approach to creativity; yogic practices for creativity development; Facets of
intelligence; concept of intelligence according to Yoga; Yoga practices for IQ
development; Practices for Anger Management;



Yoga Assistant Professor (G.F) H.N.B. Garhwal Uniersity (A Central University) , Sirinagar, Uttrakhand, India. UGC NET JRF & Assistant Professor in Jan 2017. M. A In H.C & Yogic Science From DSVV, haridwar.

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