Unit 9 Environment

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Paper 1 Unit-IX People, Development and Environment

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Syllabus is as follows

Unit-IX People, Development and Environment
 Development and environment: Millennium development and Sustainable
development goals.
 Human and environment interaction: Anthropogenic activities and their
impacts on environment.
 Environmental issues: Local, Regional and Global; Air pollution, Water
pollution, Soil pollution, Noise pollution, Waste (solid, liquid, biomedical,
hazardous, electronic), Climate change and its Socio-Economic and
Political dimensions.
 Impacts of pollutants on human health.
 Natural and energy resources: Solar, Wind, Soil, Hydro, Geothermal,
Biomass, Nuclear and Forests.
 Natural hazards and disasters: Mitigation strategies.
 Environmental Protection Act (1986), National Action Plan on Climate
Change, International agreements/efforts -Montreal Protocol, Rio Summit,
Convention on Biodiversity, Kyoto Protocol, Paris Agreement, International
Solar Alliance.



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