Yoga teaching methods

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10. Methods of Teaching Yoga

• Teaching and Learning: Concepts and Relationship between the two; Principles of
Teaching: Levels and Phases of Teaching, Quality of perfect Yoga Guru; Yogic levels of
learning, Vidyarthi, Shishya, Mumukshu; Meaning and scope of Teaching methods,
and factors influencing them; Sources of Teaching methods; Role of Yoga Teachers
and Teacher training Techniques of Individualized; Teaching Techniques of group
teaching; Techniques of mass instructions; Organization of teaching (Time
Management, Discipline etc)
• Essentials of Good Lesson Plan: concepts, needs, planning of teaching Yoga
(Shodhanakriya, Asana, Mudra, Pranayama & Meditation);
• Models of Lesson Plan; Illustration of the need for a lesson plan; Illustration of the
need for a content plan; Eight Step method of Introduction as developed in
• Evaluation methods of an ideal Yoga class; Methods of customizing Yoga class to
meet individual needs. The student will have demonstrations and training in the
above mentioned aspects of teaching methods.
• Yoga classroom: Essential features, Area, Sitting arrangement in Yoga class
• Student’s Approach to the teacher: Pranipaata; Pariprashna; Seva; (BG 4.34)



Coordinator NET/JRF CELL, Department of Yoga K.U Almora PhD Yoga scholar Kumau University UGC NET - Double JRF & Assistant Professor Qualified. QCI Level 2 Yoga teacher qualified Master in Yogic Science From DSVV. Assistant professor Yoga at H.N.B. Garhwal University (a central University) Srinagar, Uttrakhand.

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