Therapeutic Yoga – Disease Wise and Evidence based | NTA UGC NET JRF Yoga PAPER -2

Therapeutic Yoga – Disease Wise and Evidence based


• Yogic Practice*- Management of the disease through suitable yogic practices – Yogic
diet, Asanas, Shatkarmas; Pranayama; Meditation; Notional corrections through
yogic scriptures and counseling; Yama and Niyama; Stress(emotions management)
Life style prescriptions – Moderation in Ahara, Vihara, Achara and Vichara.
• Integrated approach of Yoga Therapy in the treatment of diseases ** Systemic
anatomy, physiology of the related System; Pathophysiology, Stress and disease;
Medical Management; Mechanism of imbalances at psychological, pranic, physical,
endocrinal, autonomic levels;psyhocneuroimmunological aspect of the disease
model; Disease specific parameter; what, why and how of each Yogic practice*;
Prevention. Evidence research done on the particular disease;
• General Parameters and questionnaires to evaluate Health status – GHQ, Prakriti,
Guna, PSS, STAI.
** Integrated Approach of Yoga therapy for the following Common Ailments:
• Respiratory disorders – Allergic Rhinitis & Sinusitis: COPD: Chronic Bronchitis,
Tuberculosis: Evidence research done on the particular disease
• Cardiovascular disorders: Hypertension:, Atherosclerosis / Coronary artery disease:
Ischemic Heart disease – Angina pectoris / Myocardial Infarction/ Post CABG
rehabilitation: Congestive Cardiac failure, Cardiac asthma:
• Endocrinal and Metabolic Disorder – Diabetes Mellitus (I&II); Hypo and Hyper-
Thyroidism; Obesity: Metabolic Syndrome
• Obstetrics and Gynecological Disorders, Menstrual disorders: Dysmenorrhea,
Oligomenorrhea, Menorrhagia: Premenstrual Syndrome: Menopause and peri-
menopausal syndrome: Yoga for Pregnancy and Childbirth: Complicated pregnancies:
PIH, Gestational DM, Ante-natal care, Post-natal care; PCOS:
• Gastrointestinal disorders APD: Gastritis – Acute & Chronic, Dyspepsia, Peptic
Ulcers, Constipation, Diarrhoea, Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Definition,
Etiopathogenesis, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Ulcerative colitis
• Cancer: types, clinical features, Side effects of Chemotherapy, radiotherapy
• Musculo-Skeletal Disorders: Back Pain: Lumbar Spondylosis, Intervertebral disc
prolapse (IVDP), Spondylolisthesis, Spondylitis, Psychogenic- Lumbago, Neck pain:
Cervical Spondylosis, radiculopathy, Functional neck pain, All forms of Arthritis:
Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis
• Neurological Disorders: Headaches: Migraine, Tension headache; Cerebro vascular
accidents: Epilepsy; pain; Autonomic dysfunctions; Parkinson’s disease
• Psychiatric disorders: Psychiatric disorders: Neurosis, Psychosis: Neurosis: Anxiety
disorders: Generalized anxiety disorder, Panic Anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Phobias: Depression: Dysthymia, Major depression, Psychosis:
Schizophrenia, Bipolar affective disorder.

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